Oahu Healing Garden Festival

時間: 10:00 - 19:00
場所: McCoy Pavilion - Ala Moana Beach Park

We are bringing the garden to town this year! After three years at Waimea Valley, the Healing Garden Festival will be held at the McCoy Pavilion November 21, 2009.

Come be part of this state wide celebration!

This family-friendly green hip festival has been making front page news and hot picks across the state!

Enjoy a full day of music, dance, and talent on the main stage, as well as speakers, presenters, and demonstrations in the interior auditorium featuring hands-on presentations from multi-cultural traditions.

Medicinal plants, herbs, plants, flowers, fashion, poetry, organic produce, delicious veg, macro-biotic, Indian, raw and organic & healthy Chinese food. Sustainable living, green energy, Dancers, MUSIC & lots of fun. Sake, micro brewery and organic wine, tea and juice bars. Contests, prizes and a great way to celebrate health in Hawaii.

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