Waimea Heritage Days

開始時間: 2010年2月15日10:00
終了時間: 2010年2月18日21:00
場所: Waimea Theatre
Celebrate our rich island heritage on the west side in Waimea, Kaua'i BEFORE Waimea Town Celebration!

Monday / Feb 15
10:00 am Ho’omana’o i Na Wa i Huliau – PG
11:15 am The Rebirth of Buddha (Anime) – PG
1:30 pm Pirate for the Sea – PG13
3:30 pm Marina of the Zabbaleen – PG13
5:00 pm Big Blue Crew Film Vignettes – PG13
6:00 pm Ho’omana’o i Na Wa i Huliau - PG

Our feature film will be Ho’omana’o i Na Wa i Huliau, presented by Shane Tegarden and Sam Kahai Kaai. Through photographs and storytelling, this film depicts the traditions of Hawaiian culture and creates a greater understanding and appreciation for the true essence of Hawaii’s virtues, values and spirituality of the pre-contact era.


Tuesday / Feb 16
Let the magnetic voice of Keale draw you in for an evening of story telling and beautiful Hawaiian music featuring songs from his new release, “Kawelona – Ride the Sun.” Through imagery and prose, he will show us how we are connected to our küpuna, both living and in pö. The natural cycles of elements around us are meant to remind us that we are never alone so long as we remember who we are – descendants of our ancestors, ancestors of our descendants.

Kawelona Ride the Sun

Wednesday / Feb 17
Halau Hula o Hali'ileo and Kaleo Club, under the direction of Kumu Hula Doric Kaleonui Yaris, will provide an evening of cultural entertainment with the revered hula dances and chants of Hawai'i. Kumu recently celebrate the 20th Anniversary of his halau and the release of his newest CD, "Momi" by Kaleo Club Vol.1. From the moment he opens his mouth you will be in hula heaven!


Thursday / Feb 18
Experience Neil Diamond's Music like never before! Cherry Cherry will entertain audiences young and old alike with Neil Diamond's timeless and ageless music. This Seattle-based band will provide a show that the entire family will enjoy. Both keiki and adults will come together to be a part of the show and share in the fun.


All events will be held at the Historic Waimea Theatre
9691 Kaumuali'i Highway, Waimea, Kaua'i

Proudly sponsored by the County of Kaua'i and Kaua'i Festivals.
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